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The Camborne School of Mines website provides updated details and information about geoscience, engineering, and the mining industry. Read the latest and most relevant articles on this platform.

If you are already a dedicated employee of an engineering company, then you may find yourself planning an end-year function with your colleagues. Get advice on booking the venue for the function, organising the catering services, and, most importantly, making sure that the entertainment activities for the evening are up to standard.

Discover how iGaming brands are constantly spreading their influence across the engineering industry. There are several iGaming initiatives that donate and sponsor charities and events. Find out how you can market your engineering event with merchandise and clothing brands and how to create brand awareness for engineering events and activities.

Find out how engineering events can help you to advance your career in the industry. Engineering events can help you to grow as a professional in the industry. These social events help to promote teamwork. Through events and training, businesses can become more productive and save on expenses.

Communication has improved across the mining and engineering sectors. Find out how mining products and services are communicated to the public. Better communication will lead to better relations with clients and suppliers. Communication also improves the decision-making processes in a business.

Get all the guidelines you need for starting a career in geoscience and engineering. Make sure that you do thorough research on the niche that you are interested in before pursuing your studies.

Finally, learn about the main features of sustainable mining practices. Businesses are continuously making efforts to follow sustainable technology trends. Use these resources to learn more about the fields of mining and engineering.